Phone Sex Podcasts with Mistress June

Professional phone sex operator and FemDom Mistress discusses the industry and her personal experiences.


Posted on July 24th, 2016

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting with me.  My name is June Stuart and I am a phone sex Goddess.  I enjoy uncensored chat with intelligent thoughtful men.  My primary focus is providing long distance Domination with men who enjoy submitting to a powerful woman, but you do not have to be submissive to call me.  All thoughtful respectful callers are welcome.  

This podcast site is a place where I will share my feelings and experiences with my phone sex callers and other admirers.  Mostly, I will be sharing phone sex related stuff here, but I may go rogue occasionally and talk about personal things, cultural things, maybe even political things.  So if you do not enjoy one particular podcast, be sure to stop by again and try me another day.  Topics will vary widely.

This is not intended as a site for titillation or eroticism, exactly.  It is meant to be more of a conversational connection.  But even so, I will definitely be discussing adult topics, so YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER to listen to my podcasts or to visit my websites.

If you have reactions or questions, you may comment here on the individual podcast pages, or you can visit me at to learn more and then if you still have questions, you may leave a comment there.  (You may comment there anonymously and without a Facebook account.)

I look forward to sharing fun audios with you hear and chatting with you on the phone.

Have a great day!